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Our Story

Nordic Wellness Drinks was founded by Malene Sogaard and Pep Kelly in the Winter of 2019. It was born from the distillation of a thirty-year partnership, a love of the Nordic Countries, the Nordic way of life and their deep and enduring respect for Nature.

Malene was born in Denmark. After travelling a year in the USA, she “stopped off” on the UK shores on the way back, as any good Viking would do!

Pep had travelled and worked in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Together, they joined forces and went on to rampage through Sweden, Norway and Iceland on culinary and nature seeking expeditions. Frequently visiting Malene’s childhood holiday home on the small Danish Island of Samso (the first Island in the world to be 100% carbon neutral).

However, it was a trip to the Arctic Circle in May 2019, that left them feeling compelled to take action and start a business “Inspired by Nature”.


After qualifying as an Occupational Therapist in 2000, Malene built up her private Equine Therapy practice, treating clients using her herd of five Norwegian Fjord Horses and specialising in Mental Health and Sensory Integration.

Malene is passionate about food and drink. She has an extraordinary ability to produce the most amazing flavour combinations. As any friends will tell you, you never pass up on the invitation to be “entertained” at “Malene’s table”.

After the loss of two of her Fjord horses, and recovering from a debilitating, life changing condition, Malene sought to strengthen her immune system. It was in this quest that Malene returned to her home country, Denmark, to discover the extraordinary health benefits of Water Kefir, Kombucha and Fermented Foods and the significant contribution they make to Good Health & Happiness. She is passionate about the life enhancing properties of the wild Nordic Super Berries and so was inspired to start Nordic Wellness Drinks.

Malene believes strongly in provenance, sustainable food sources, community, and caring for her fellow human beings. She is the Master Fermenter at Nordic Wellness Drinks and if you feel an extra special something in our Nordic Water Kefir, that is most definitely Malene’s magic!

When not in the fermentary you will find Malene walking her two weimaraners in the forests or carriage driving with her Fjord horses.


Pep was born in the UK, of Irish immigrant parents. The middle child of eleven, she spent the summers in the fields foraging and the winters listening to stories by the fire.

In 1993, she qualified as a Chartered Accountant and later, after completing an MBA in 2002, became a Chartered Marketer. After several years of working in international companies and travelling, she became a freelance Finance Transformation Consultant and continued to work, driving programmes of change in the corporate world.

In November 2018, feeling the urge to return to her farming roots, she completed a Charles Dowding No Dig vegetable growing course, which renewed her connection to the soil and earth and the importance of organic produce. A period of learning and discovery followed, including a course in Nutrition with Daphne Lambert at Trill Farm. The calling to move towards a more wholesome existence was now overwhelming.

Pep’s heart and soul is in Nature and Wellness and believes that the earths riches can heal anything. “There is nothing more uplifting than lying on the grass, close to Mother Earth, feeling the soft wind on your face and the energy return to your being”. She is a strong believer in fighting for what you believe in and believes strongly in the connection between the Gut, Good Health, the Brain and Happiness. She is the drive and energy behind the business.

Out of work, you will find her in the vegetable patch, walking in nature or riding her horse.