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Our Process

Live Water Kefir Grains

We use a live culture also known as Tibicos or Japanese Water Crystals to ferment and produce a healthy beverage. The SCOBY, a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast appear as small white translucent grains. We use only Live Certified Organic Water Kefir Grains.

Active Water

Water has a profound impact on the flavour and the health of the SCOBY’s. We have invested in a water filtration and revitalisation system that removes chemicals and contaminants without removing minerals. This ensures we protect our cultures and it enhances the flavour of our Water Kefir drinks. “Live” water = Good Health!!

Raw Cane Sugar

We use only raw organic cane sugar to feed our grains and to ferment our beverages. Sugar cane when it is pressed, produces molasses, rich in minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus, copper and chromium. Water kefir grains LOVE these and they are vital for their healthy growth.


Dried figs

We nurture our kefir grains with dried figs, giving a source of nitrogen which is vital for optimal growth and presenting our drinks with a wonderful aroma. Our figs are organic, non-sulfurized and do not contain any chemical preservatives.


We use organic lemons to acidify our culture and enrich its delicious flavour. Lemon juice is very good at fighting off unwanted bacteria, efficiently.


We add a small amount of fresh organic ginger to our ferments. Ginger contains rhizomes and is a perfect partner to water kefir as it stimulates carbonation and helps produce a unique taste and complexity in the brew.

Flavouring our Water Kefir

Our water kefir is flavoured with nutrient rich berries, tisanes and herbs to supercharge our kefir beverage. These are added directly to the fermentation vessel during primary or secondary fermentation, bringing intensity to our kefir, imparting complex notes and undertones of flavour and aroma. All our flavours are “Inspired by Nature” and chosen for their extraordinary health properties. They are organically produced and sourced locally, where possible.


Water Kefir is produced by a collective of microbes that work together to first turn sugar into alcohol, then alcohol into healthy gut-friendly acetic acids, vitamins and natural bubbles. Sugar is necessary food for the yeast and bacteria, providing them the energy to reproduce and process the liquid. The bacteria’s ability to quickly convert alcohol into acetic acids means water kefir is low in alcohol usually 0.5%-1% ABV. Out Food Test results showed ours to be 0.6%-0.7%. This is no more than you will find in a jar of sauerkraut.

During the sustained fermentation process, the yeast continually ferments sugar into alcohol, for the bacteria to convert into healthy acetic acid. That means that Water Kefir will become more and more sour during this process, as all available sugar is used up. A well-made Water Kefir should have enough residual sweetness to be enticing and enough acidity to be lively. Striking the right balance between sweetness and acidity is the skill of the master brewer!!

We pride ourselves on producing a refreshing, naturally effervescent, low alcohol, low sugar water kefir, packed with gut-friendly live cultures.