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Good Health, Naturally and Sustainably.

Our Natural Ingredients

At Nordic Wellness Drinks we are “Inspired by Nature”. We have selected Nordic berries to enhance our Organic Water Kefir, for their outstanding nutritional value. Berries that have traditionally been harvested by hand by families for generations. In Scandinavia, the long cool summers, with extended sunlight hours give the berries a high level of phenolic maturity, in relation to sugar maturity. This means a lot of flavour with high antioxidant levels and less sugar maturity.

The main bioactive compounds in berry fruits are polyphenols, more precisely, anthocyanins that give colour to the berries. Imbuing our Water Kefir with these flavours and properties is what produces a colourful, deliciously tasty, low calorie probiotic drink with a powerful charge of antioxidants for Good Health Naturally and Sustainably.

Sea Buckthorn

The Sea Buckthorn berry is a golden orange, oval shaped, pea sized, berry. One single berry contains 15 times more vitamin C than an orange. Recently, this small but powerful berry has been the favourite of the worlds’ top chefs, such as Rene Redzepi, from Noma and has featured in several dishes on the Great British Menu.

Wild Nordic Berries

These wild forest berries contain much higher levels of vitamin C, antioxidants and polyphenols, when compared to their cultivated equivalent. Read more about the amazing properties of our wild Lingonberries and Bilberries by pressing on the link below.


Aronia berries pack a powerful nutritional punch, as they are high in fibre, vitamin C, and manganese, as well as zinc, iron, and vitamin B and K. They appear like a swollen blueberry but contain much higher levels of antioxidants, polyphenols, and anthocyanins than most other fruits, four to five that of blueberries!


Elderflower is rich in bio-flavonoid compounds and antioxidants and all the positives they bring. Elderflower’s antioxidants enhance the effects of vitamin C in your diet. Elderflower has antibacterial and antiviral properties and may also help alleviate some allergies and boost the functioning of the immune system.

Our Water

At Surrey Hills Fermentary, our water is filtered and revitalised with a premium water concept from Leogant. The electromagnetic quality and surface tension of the water are as for fresh spring water, providing live, active water, with the perfect pH, minerals and trace elements to make Kefir.

Live Water Kefir Grains

Our water kefir grains are certified organic and are grown traditionally and naturally. They are fed and looked after daily, by our Master Fermenter, Malene in order to keep them vibrant and healthy and ready to ferment the tastiest of water kefir.

Raw Cane Sugar

During the fermentation process the sugar is eaten by the good bacteria and by the time the Water Kefir is ready for consumption the sugar is all but dissipated to 2.4-2.6g per 100ml.

Lemon, Ginger and Figs

The grains are fed organic lemons, figs and ginger.